You are currently viewing Amazing Off-Road Destinations in the U.S For an Exciting Trip!

Amazing Off-Road Destinations in the U.S For an Exciting Trip!

Are you an adventure enthusiast? If you are a nature lover and wish to spend time challenging the rocks and boulders off-road, the ATV trails are the most suitable destinations for you. While seeking the best in the USA, you needn’t compromise with the facilities and variety as there are thousands to choose from.

Packed with robust excitement along with guaranteed food and bed offers, check out the top ATV trail resorts and restaurants to jump-start your fun-filled adventure!

Off-Road Destinations

Durhamtown Off-Road Resort- Union Point GA, Georgia

Looking for a family package with variations in ATV trails? Durhamtown is one of the homeliest adventure resorts with a splendid variety of ATVs and dirt-bikes to enjoy. They offer a 150-mile-long track for riding around Georgia, along with 19 distinctly categorized paths for challenging drives.

You can find cabins, ATVs, and RVs, for both rent or sale to choose the suitable ones according to your trip. Apart from adventure, they have pre-booking packages in their family resort and also offer day-long working eateries like Bevelyn’s kitchen to experience authentic Southern hospitality.

Town Creek OHV Trails- Greensboro GA, Georgia

If you are looking for a summer-spring recreation full of fun activities like horse riding, hiking, and fishing along with your off-road adventure, Town Creek is one of the best destinations to plan an extensive trip. The camp has a 15-mile double-loop trail (one loop reserved for ATV rides) through the dense creeks and jungles.

You can enjoy the natural camping inside but can’t find any inclusive resort facility. Lodges like Charming Farmhouse and The Buckeye of Ogeechee Cabins are recommended and quick to approach at just 20 minutes distance.

Ride Royal Blue- Pioneer, Tennessee 

A 600-mile off-road adventure track, RV lodging, and natural camping, all on a single site is not a chance to miss! The camp comprises a dedicated adventure section, The Ridges, and a family lodging resort, The Eagle Rock Resort. All along the expanse, you can enjoy different campsites for open-air camping and picnics, RV trails, and even ATV and dirt-bike adventures.

The on-site facilities include an exclusive breakfast cafeteria, general store, and ATV wash stations operating throughout the day. You can find popular resorts like Hampton Inns, Holiday Inns, and Red Roof Inns around the camp to take lodging if you are planning only an off-road adventure inside.

Off-Road Destinations

Arizona Peace Trail- Arizona

The longest of the OHV and ATV trails in the US, with a track 675 miles long, this one’s probably the best off-road destination. Though there aren’t any on-site camping and lodging facilities, you can avail yourself of the trail guides, maps and even rent splendid ATVs to kick start your trip. For lodging and fine dining, you can find several affordable resorts like Red Agave Resort, Hyatt Residence Club, or Pico Diablo Resort within a radius of 10km from the camp.

Hatfield-McCoy Trails- West Virginia

Spread in many West Virginia counties covering more than 800 miles of adventures tracks and camping grounds, this one’s a popular tourist destination for recreational and adventurous trips.

The trails are differentiated for various RV, ATV, and bike adventures varying in terrains. You can find more than seven on-site lodging inns with pre-booking offers, camping cabins for rent, and parking grounds for RV camps.

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