Hello, anglers and outdoor addicts. The lake level is 168.78 msl (mean sea level) and the SRA (Sabine River
Authority) says no generators are running. However, they will have to let some water released for the
industries downstream. North Toledo is stained, mid lake is slightly stained and south Toledo is clear to very
clear. Water temperatures are 54-55 degrees Fahrenheit.

We have had problems catching anything less than 8 feet. We have moved to a Berkley SquareBill (formally
PitBull) also a wacky rig. On our SquareBill we have been using the Big Money color in a 3/8 ounce size or any
SquareBill that has a shad colored body. Big Money is only one of those.

On our wacky rigs we use The General in pumpkin and pumpkin party. On our Senkos we use Mad Melon and
Watermelon Blue Flake. We only use a weight 3/0 Aberdeen hook which works great. We also use 10 pound
Big Game line which I have caught several bass over 10 pound on this line this line. At least 6 or 7. Bring up
our website www.joejoslinoutdoors.com and look in Trophy Room. My website also has over 500,000 hits.

I talked to crappie guide early this week and they are catching them shallow in black and orange Road
Runners. The area they are fishing is very stained. They are waiting until after the spawn to resume fishing
which should be 2-3 weeks.