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Current Fishing Report for Sam Rayburn Reservoir

Sam Rayburn Reservoir Fishing Report
May 23, 2017


Hello, anglers. Sam Rayburn has fished strong this spring and as we go into summer it continues to produce some great fishing. One of the reasons is the abundance of aquatic vegetation that is growing in almost every part of the lake. We spend most of our time south of the 147 Bridge and fish places like Veech, Black Forest, Caney, Five Fingers, Norris, Farmers Flats, Buck and Needmore just to name a few.

Some of our favorite early summer baits include Carolina rig with a 10 inch Power Worm in plum. Also, a drop shot with Havoc Bottom Hopper and we fish these both in depths of 15-25 feet on humps and main lake points.

Rayburn is also a super lake for top water presentations such as buzz baits, walking baits, popping baits and of course frogs. Some of my favorite frogs include Stanley’s Ribbit and Top Dog.

The Ribbit is a frog you can buzz on top and the Top Toad is a floating frog you can use when they don’t like a fast presentation.

One of my favorite top water baits is a Gun Fish which is a narrow shaped top water bait with a white feathered tail. You can pop or walk this bait and with its slender design it is possible to make very long casts which is important when you are targeting schooling bass as well as big bass in shallow water.

Although I spend a lot of time fishing deep structure, the mass amounts of underwater grass makes it possible to stay shallow all summer if that’s what you wish to do.

Punching heavy jigs through mats of hydrilla and pepper grass will produce some awesome bass. I usually use Stanleys 1 oz in green pumpkin with a creature trailer and fish this with 50 lb Braid Spider wire. Another shallow water pattern that produces big bass is a buzz bait.

I usually use braid on my buzz baits also but may drop down to 30 lb braid in order to get more casting distance. At times I will also use 20 lb test Big Game mono if the grass is not too thick. I like Normans Triple Wing buzz bait which comes in three colors including white, chartreuse and black. I have caught fish on all of these colors but use white most of the time.

Whether you wish to fish deep or shallow, Rayburn has the structures to fish both.

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