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Current Fishing Report for Sam Rayburn Lake






May 27, 2019


The lake level on May 27 was 170.43 or 6.03 above normal pool of 164.4 ft.  I had several good trips last week on Big Sam mostly in shallow water.  We did catch some of drop shot in 20-28 feet but most in 4-6 ft. on Texas rigged creature baits and wacky rigs.  Our wacky rigs were Berkley Power Baits The General in green pumpkin party and senkos in mad melon and watermelon blue flakes. On our wacky rigs they were fished completely weightless with no nail. Even though it was extremely windy with our Minn Kota Ultrex with I Pilot we are able to fish.

We also got into some top water action last Wednesday using a Gunfish.  They were not schooling but there were a bunch of them.  We must have caught 8-10…it was a blast. Like most early top water bites it lasted about 30 minutes. For our Texas rigged creature bait we used Berkley’s 4 inch Power Hawg in watermelon candy and June Bug.  We also used Baby Brush Hogs in watermelon red and green pumpkin red. 

Most of our fish were coming out of 5-6 ft. which is the old shoreline since the lake is up about 6 ft.  There are a lot of grass and brush where the old shore line used to be.   For Texas rig rod I used a 7’3” Veritas rod medium heavy action, my reel was a STX Revo and line was Trilene 17 lb. test 100% fluorocarbon. My hook is a 3/0 offset Fusion worm hook. On my wacky rigs I like 10 lb test Big Game mono, hook is a 2 or 3/0 Aberdeen (Fusion), reel is a Revo SX spinning and rod was medium action 7’ Lightning Rod.

Our presentation for the Texas rigs and wacky are slow. On the wacky rigs most would hit it on the initial fall.  You wouldn’t feel anything but your line would just feel heavy. When that happened I would set the hook.   Hook sets are free!!!!   I would work the Texas rigs a little faster than wacky.  Instead of hopping the bait, I would drag it a foot or two and stop it for 10 seconds or so. Most of the bites would come on the pause.   We caught 20 one day and 19 the next using the patterns we talked about.  



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