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July 30, 2019 Toledo Bend Fishing Report

Good morning anglers and outdoor addicts. It is still very hot but we normally get a cool front late August or early September so hang in there.

LAKE CONDITIONS:    Water levels are 168.36 which are about normal for this time of year.  Usually the SRA has the lake around 168’ (mean sea level) by Labor Day so that looks like that will happen without a tropical system.  Water surface temperatures are running from 86-88 degrees.  Both generators are running 24/7 and at the emergency spillway all gates are closed.

Anglers can still catch quality bass early/late but you need to be on the lake at first light with sunrise at around 6 a.m. so I like to launch around 5:30.   Also sunset is around 8:15 p.m. so I like to stay just enough light to run back to the launch.  Those late 15 minutes can make or break an afternoon.  Sometimes on a bright/blue bird day the bass will not move up on major points until 30 minutes prior to dark.  I have days where we catch the largest bass of the day in that 30 minute window.  The same as in the morning, I like to be on the lake at first light because the quality bass will often back off at sunrise.  Of course when there are clouds they will stay shallow longer.  As they say…The early bird gets the worm.

My guide partner, Jason Courville, continues to catch bass deep using Carolina rigs and drop shot rigs.  Monday he had to go to the back of major feeder creeks to find some bass but said around mid-afternoon they will stack up on major feeder creek points as well as main lake points.  He has been catching these bass were the ridges start to drop in 25-30 feet.     

Crappie guides George Jeane and Tater Reynolds continue to catch fish but is has gotten tough the past 3-4 weeks.  However, Reynolds said he expects it to get better in a couple of weeks. The last cool front helped to cool the water down from 90 to mid 80s.  I talked to Reynolds Monday on the lake and they had caught 20-25 all on 1/16 oz. crappie jigs on the Texas side north of  the Texas Islands.         






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