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Current Fishing Report for Toledo Bend Lake

Toledo Bend Reservoir Fishing Report
September 12, 2018

Hello anglers and outdoor addicts. With heavy rains and cooler temperatures fall is definitely in the air. Fishing patterns are also slowly starting to change with more fish in the shallows and slightly cooler water temps. In addition, lots of folks have their eyes and ears open to the tropics with several hurricanes in the Atlantic with one possibility moving into the Gulf.

LAKE CONDITIONS: At midweek Toledo’s lake level was 168.1’ with no generation scheduled at the dam. At the emergency spillway all gates are closed and surface water temps are 84-85. North Toledo is stained, mid lake is mostly clear but will be staining up some with all the rain runoff. South Toledo is clear but the back portions are starting to stoain with the heavy rain.

BASS REPORT: Top water, wacky and shallow Texas rigs are all working especially the first two hours and last two hours of daylight. Currently late afternoons have been better. On top water patterns we continue to use a Chug Bug, Yellow Magic and Gun Fish. We are using frequent pauses on the Chug Bug and Yellow Magic and walking the dog with the Gun Fish.

All three of these baits have shad patterns since shad is the main forage for bass in the fall. With the Chug Bug and Yellow Magic I may let it set for set for 15 seconds before a bass would hit it. However, with the feathered tail on these baits the pause is often when the bass hit it.

On the wacky rig I use 10 lb. Big Game mono if I’m using spinning tackle and a Bottom Hopper or Senko with a 2/0 or 3/0 Berkley Fusion Aberdeen worm hook. I’ll use a Hook Angle (Google Hook Angel) on the Bottom Hopper and fish the Senko weightless. Some days the Bottom Hopper will out fish the Senko because the BH floats so I will cast it and let it sink with the Hook Angel and never move it. The tail will try to float which makes a very life like natural movement.

When I Texas rig a Bottom Hopper I do a similar thing as I will cast it and then ‘dead stick’ it and allow the tail to try to float as it slowly floats up the sinker keeps the head of the BH on the bottom and the tail is basically standing strait up which makes a different look for bass. I’ve caught numerous bass this way.

We continue to use a drop shot when fishing 20-30 ft. and use a Bottom Hopper Jr. and Robo Worm. I use a June Bug color on the BH Jr and Morning Dawn on the Robo worm with a Fusion drop shot hook and 8 lb. 100% Trilene Fluorocarbon.

CRAPPIE: Crappie guide, Jack Adams, says the jig bite has slowed but live shiners are the best bait for crappie currently. The numbers are still not what they should be in September but the size continues to be excellent.

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