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Current Fishing Report for Toledo Bend Lake



December 1, 2020 Toledo Bend Fishing Report

called the SRA (Sabine River Authority) and the lake level is 168.57 which is about 1 foot higher that last
week’s reading to the heavy rains we have had recently. They will generate both generators 12 hours from 12
a.m. until 12 p.m. At the emergency spillway all gates are closed. The water temperature is mid 60 degrees
and will drop further drop further due to the cold front heading this way mid-week. I’m saying low 60’s.
My guide partner, Jason Courville, continues to catch bass in the 15 to 30 feet with a drop shot and Carolina
rig. On his drop shot he likes to have a 2- foot tag which means he likes to have a 2 foot tag above is drop shot
sinker. He likes to use a Robo worm in morning dawn. Most of his drop shot bass are coming 18 to 22 feet.
On his Caroling rigs he prefers to use a 4 foot leader prefers to use a 1 ounce sinker. However, he like to use a
Baby Brush Hog in green pumpkin. Plus he likes to use a 15 or 17 pound Trilene 100% Fluorocarbon. His
Carolina Rig bass are slightly deeper in in 25 to 30 feet mostly in 26-28 feet.

We continue to catch spooning bass in 18 to 40 feet with most of them in 28 to 35 feet. We continue to use
chrome, gold and burnet nickel but mostly chrome. We continue to drop our spoons all the way to the bottom
and lift it let it fall. If I don’t get a “slap”. I will move the bait around looking at my Humminbird Helix 12
electronics and will not drop my spoon down without seeing bait or fish….mostly both. My boat has spot lock
with the awesome Minn Kota Ultrex which means I don’t have to anchor. I remember the old days when I
would have to anchor on honey holes

We continue to catch bass shallow with Berkley’s Square Bull crank bait but make sure it resembles a bait fish
with my favorites Blue Back and Big Money. These run approximately 2 to 8 feet with most of hits coming in 4
to 6 feet. We also are catching bass on June Bug Bottom Hoppers in 4 to 12 feet using Trilene 100% 15 and 17
pound test Fluorocarbon. If they don’t hit a June Bug we go to a red bug. I haven’t put away our wacky rigs
but warm afternoons and cloudy days I can drag out the wacky rigs with Senko’s in Mad Melon and
watermelon blue flake plus The General in green pumpkin and pumpkin party. I use a 10 pound test Big Game
with spinning rigs with 3/0 Aberdene worm hooks.

I talked to Crappie guide Tater Reynolds early this week and they are hitting mostly the Hair Jig some on live
shiners but mostly the hair jig. His associate and his boat caught mid 40’s and Reynolds and his boat caught
the same mid 40’s. The jig had a blue nose white body and blue tail.

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Photo info:  Toledo angler Coy Walters with a couple of bass he caught on a wacky Rig while fishing near Toledo's Dam.
Photo by Joe Joslin Outdoors 



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