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June 11, 2019 Toledo Bend Fishing Report

Hello anglers and outdoor addicts.  To those of you who are Louisiana anglers I want to remind you that your Louisiana fishing and hunting license will expire on June 30th.   There’s two good numbers to reach them: 800-256-2749 or 225-765-2800 or you can get them online at

FATHERS DAY:  For those hard to gift dads, husbands or friends consider one of gift certificates.  We can email it to you and you can print it out or we can email you one.   For questions you can call me or text me at 337-401-0264.  

LAKE CONDITIONS:   The lake level is 171.75’ and both generators are running 24/7.  At the spillway all gates are closed which is the first time in several week. Water temperatures are warming up with lots of hot sunshine and are running 85-87 on the main lake and coves from 88-89.   North Toledo is stained, mid-lake is slightly stained and south Toledo is mostly clear with very little stained conditions in the very back of major feeder creeks. 

We continue to catch bass shallow and deep but we are finding ourselves spending more time in 18-30 ft. with drop shot, jigs and Carolina.  However, we continue to catch some big bass in shallow water especially in the first hour of the day. (see photo) For our shallow patterns we are using top water with Berkley’s Choppo 90 which is Berkley’s version of the Whopper Flopper.  It works just as well and is a whole lot cheaper.  In addition a topwater bait I enjoy fishing is Gunfish.  It’s not that heavy but it throws for long distance which is important when fishing topwater.  The design of the lure by the factory (Lucky Craft) is probably why it throws so well as it is fairly slim so it doesn’t get much air resistant when cast.  I use 15 lb. test Big Game on all my top water except frogs which is use 50 lb. Spider Braid.    

We continue to get good action from wacky rigs with The General and senkos with excellent colors in pumpkin party, mad melon and watermelon blue flake.  I fish these weedless since they are loaded with salt and also fish them with a spinning rig with 10 lb. test Big Game mono line. On wacky my favorite is a medium action spinning rod 7’3” Fenwick Elite series.  This allows me to set the hook fairly hard without a concern that I would break the 10 lb. test mono.  We continue to use the shallow running square bill crankbaits with dive from 4-6 ft. with the Squarebull and Wild Thang.  Chartreuse body and brown top seems to be working for me. 

We also are using Texas rigged creature baits such as Berkley Power bait crazy legs Chigger Craw in watermelon candy and green pumpkin. I use these on a TX rig medium heavy bait cast rod, Revo STX reel with 17 lb. test 100% Trilene Fluorocarbon. On our deep patterns we are using DD22 crankbaits with sexy shad the best color in the clear water. With 12 lb test fluorocarbon the DD22 will run 15-17 ft.  There’s a lot of bass suspended in 35-40 ft. so a crankbait is a great way to fish to catch them as they are suspended 15-20 ft. down. Of course we continue to use drop shot in 18-30 ft. of water with 10 lb test, a #2 Fusion drop shot hook. Of course we also use a spinning rig set on our drop shot rigs.  A high quality spinning reel and medium to light action 7’ rod.  We still like Ike’s morning dawn Power Bait Bottom Hopper either Bottom H. Jr (4.75”) or regular Bottom H at 6.25.

I just spoke to Crappie guide George Jeane and he said the crappie continue to so well.  He said they are doing so much better on the Texas side of the lake.  He said he can’t figure it out.  They continue to limit out every day weather permitting and continue to use live shiners and crappie jigs. His number is 337-208-5409.         




Joslin is a pro guide on both Toledo and Sam Rayburn and a TPWD licensed guide since 1998. Contact him at, landline 337-463-3848/Cell 337-401-0264. Joe Joslin is a syndicated writer and is published by numerous websites, newspapers and magazines. Check out his website at

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