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Hello, Anglers. If you are like numerous boaters/fishermen in this neck of the woods, you may not plan to fish or use your boat anymore until after hunting season is over early 2011. Unless you plan to fish all through the winter, here are some tips that will make things a lot better when you do decide to put your boat back on the lake next spring. The first thing I would suggest is to fill-up your gas tanks and add an additive/fuel stabilizer to fuel. Another is to make sure all batteries are fully charged before storage as storing a run-down battery cuts down on the life span.

In addition, store motor tilted down so lower unit is in a down position allowing all of water to run out of unit preventing lower gear case from freezing/expanding/cracking causing a major repair bill. Another problem we have is mildew which can be very costly so go through all boat compartments and check for moisture. If you have a compartment that is prone to moisture you might want to remove any valuable item and store in a dry, protected area. In a matter of days with right conditions mildew will ruin a $100 life jacket or a $300 rain suit.

These mentioned winter boat reminders are also applicable to those of us who use our boats all winter especially draining water out of lower unit after each use. A neighbor last winter failed to do this and the outcome was as described causing major expense plus about a week to get it repaired. Get that water out of the lower unit!! My neighbor plans to.

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